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Group Menu 

Menu Details 




Set Menu: We offer a Set menu for groups of 10 and more. 


Price: R460.00 per head. 


Everything on the set menu will be brought to your table. This unique dining experience enables your guests to savor the rich flavors of our diverse African cuisine.

Serving Style

All the dishes on our set menu will be brought to your table. The dishes will be served in serving dishes, much like the French/family-style service. This arrangement allows everyone at the table to dish for themselves, creating an interactive and engaging dining experience.


***Please note that for groups of 10 or more, we require a deposit of R250 per head to secure your reservation and ensure a smooth and enjoyable dining experience.This will be credited towards your bill. The remaining balance can be settled onsite.***


 Explore our entertainment section for a variety of options, from live music to cultural shows at R50p/p. 

Drum circles 

Optional and exhilarating: Engage your guests with our popular African drum session at R50 per person per drum. A unique way to add an African flair to your event!

***Contact for more details.***

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